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about joy finney

Inspired by earth, sea and coastal landscape

Joy Finney is a contemporary woman artist whose work is inspired by the changing tides of the Omaha, estuary north of Auckland, New Zealand. Referencing both the natural world and the world constructed by mankind, her work is enriched with layers of pigment, a heavy impasto and accents of found natural & manmade objects. Nature is represented through materials depicting tide, wind and sand. Human intervention is represented in an aesthetic derived from the textures of fashion, textiles, colour and the devices of imprinting and addition.

Drawing inspiration from extensive experience in the fashion industry, Joy creates art reflecting an ongoing interest with textiles, texture and the raw integrity of the coastal landscape of her home country of New Zealand.

Joy has work in private collections in The United States, Canada, Australia and in her native New Zealand. To view her work, click here for information on current & upcoming shows.

Artists's Curriculum Vitae

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